Trail Mix – The Brother Brothers

My Best Albums of 2018 list begins and ends right here.

Boy, howdy. Some People I Know, from The Brother Brothers – David and Adam Moss – is a stunner. It now sits atop my list of records released in the last twelve months after just one listen.

Barely two songs in, I knew. Adam and David have found it, that special something, that indelible bond, that only forms between siblings making music together.

David and Adam – identical twins – are poised to ascend to stardom on the contemporary folk music scene. This new collection of songs is awash with cello, fiddle, hollow body guitar, and brilliant harmonies reminiscent of the height of the sixties folk revival.

I recently caught up with the Moss brothers to chat about the new record, New Years Eve plans, and what it’s like making music with your sibling.

BRO – Was there a song or album that you guys connected over that really got you thinking you could make music together?

TBB – David and I have connected over a lot of music. However, when we really started digging into the Delmore Brothers and Jim & Jesse, we knew we could be a brother band ourselves.

BRO – In five words or less, finish this statement: The best thing about making music with my brother is . . . . . 

TBB –  . . . . it’s easy to communicate aesthetic.

BRO – We are featuring “Frankie” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?

TBB – David worked at the wonder Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and during his time there, he watched the people who make that neighborhood so special slowly disappear from their barstools due to the real estate investment. Those who gave the community its true value could no longer afford to live there. The song is a reflection of conversations and experiences with these people, the ones who gave their hearts to a place, only to watch money take so much of it away.

BRO – Got a favorite band of brothers?

TBB – Well, to be honest, we seriously love The Secret Sisters. Their harmony and stage delivery is something to be seriously admired. But, if we had to say brother band, we’d say The Delmore Brothers. However, that isn’t to say we don’t seriously love The Louvin Brothers, The Everly Brothers, Jim & Jesse, and The Barr Brothers. Those dudes are modern awesome.

BRO – New Years Eve among the family and friends in Upstate New York. Anything fun planned?

TBB – We’re playing first night in Saranac Lake. It’ gonna be a hell of a time. I hear our good friend Miss Tess is gonna be there, and we can’t wait to do some dancing and ringing in the new year with her band!

The Brother Brothers’ tour schedule is pretty quiet through December until that New Years Eve get down on Saranac Lake.

My suggestion, in the meantime, would be to grab a copy of Some People I Know and soak in the vintage harmonies as the weather grows colder and the days darken earlier. This record is the perfect companion for the onset of winter.

For more information on The Brother Brothers, when they will hit a stage near you, or how you can grab a copy of the new record, be sure to check out their website.

And be sure to take a listen to “Frankie,” along with new tracks from William Elliot Whitmore, Granville Automatic, Belle Plain, and many more on this month’s Trail Mix.

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