Trail Mix: Totally Random With Zach Deputy

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During a recent family movie night, I had the pleasure of introducing my two youngest children to the magic of Mary Poppins, one of my favorite childhood films.

Ben and Lindsay were equally enamored with the film as I was, laughing at all the same places I laughed and expressing wide eyed wonder during all of Jane and Michael’s adventures with Mary Poppins and her sidekick, Bert.

Bert – chimney sweep, sidewalk artist, and one man band – came to mind as I began to ponder the talents of Zach Deputy, the one man funkalicious jam band who released his latest record, Wash It In The Water, late last month.

Instead of Bert’s bass drum, clanging cymbals, and accordion, Zach Deputy can be found behind a bevy of microphones, looping station, keyboards, and guitars during one of his live sets. Deputy’s groove is undeniable. Check out some live video – Zach dances as hard in his seat as his crowd does in front of him. Armed with a soulful voice and impeccable instinct as to where to drop each sound, Zach Deputy makes people move. Having seen him live, Zach Deputy is also one of those rare artists who are as much fun to watch as listen to.

Recently, Zach Deputy was kind enough to indulge me and get totally random.

BRO – Something you always have in your fridge?

ZD – Butter, aka veggies’ best friend.

BRO – First record you ever bought?

AD – Cake’s biggest record. I forget the title.

BRO – Last TV show you binge watched?

ZD – The Walking Dead, I think, or Eastbound & Down.

BRO – Favorite song to sing in the shower?

ZD – An improv scat of some sort or my mouth trumpet.

BRO – Beer, wine, or whiskey?

ZD – I don’t drink much, but if I did it would be tequila.

BRO – First time you were starstruck?

ZD – It was a guy named Rick Kazoo, a local news celebrity, who was at my dentist’s office. I think I was like six or so, and I froze in disbelief.

BRO – Deserted island. You get one instrument, What do you take?

ZD – My Godin Nylon SA guitar.

BRO – Deputy Dog or Barney Fife. Who you got?

ZD – Deputy Dog, of course!

Zach Deputy can be found all around the Southeast throughout the month of October. Shows in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and both Carolinas are on tap.

For more information on when and where Zach Deputy will hit a stage with you, along with how you can get your hands on a copy of Wash It In The Water, please boogie on over to Zach’s website.

Also, be sure to check out “Chevrolet,” a brand new track from Zach Deputy, on this month’s Trail Mix.

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