VideoTrauma Tuesday: Winter Olympic Wipeouts

Trauma Tuesday: Winter Olympic Wipeouts

Olympians prime themselves for glory, practicing and conditioning for years leading up to their shot for a medal. While athletes that seize gold and silver are revered as champions, those who massively wipeout are perhaps just as memorable. From ice to snow, here are some of the best Winter Olympic wipeouts from over the years.

Eight-time American medalist Apolo Ohno will be forever remembered as an Olympic great. Watch as he literally “takes out” the competition at the 2002 games in Salt Lake.

Hermann Maier’s crash at the 1998 Nagano games is legendary for his massive body-contorting tumble. What’s even more legendary are the two gold medals he won just days after this run. Check it out.

Last but certainly no less painful is this compilation of Winter Olympic crashes, falls, and wipeouts. They say pain is totally mental but we’re not so sure after watching this.


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