Lauren Bowman Clontz

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214 Days

214 Days: Tree sitters have blockaded the Mountain Valley Pipeline for seven months. Here’s what motivates them to persist. It started with the two...

Why Am I Up Here?

A Tree-Sitter’s Perspective From 50 Feet Above the Mountain Valley Pipeline. I've lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains for most of my life, often taking for...

Underwater Rainbow: Can the Candy Darter Survive the MVP?

the rare and elusive candy darter may face near extinction if the Mountain Valley Pipeline proceeds.

Northam can stop the pipelines right now

Can anyone stop the Mountain valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines? Actually, yes. Governor Ralph Northam could halt construction immediately to conduct a full review of water quality impacts. So far, though, the governor has waivered.

The Forest Service Is Protecting Pipelines Instead of Public Lands  

The Forest Service is supposed to protect our forests. Instead, it's actively supporting the Mountain Valley Pipeline, infringing upon First Amendment rights, and defying overwhelming public opinion.