Rachel Woolworth

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The Fire Next Time: Dealing with Wildfire in the Wake of Gatlinburg

One year after Gatlinburg, wildfires continue to grow exponentially in acreage and cost. Our best new strategy: fight fire with fire.

A Tribe Called FloydFest

FloydFest is: music, magic, and mountains.

Hogwash on the House Floor: N.C. Bill Will Shield Big Ag from Air and Water Quality Issues

On Thursday, the North Carolina Legislature speedily passed House Bill 467, “Agriculture and Forestry Nuisance Remedies.” The legislation will regulate North Carolina residents’ right...

Devaluing Coal Country: Appalachian Regional Commission On Budget Hit List

Trump was supported in mass by blue-collar Appalachian voters on election day after repeatedly pledging to revitalize coal country throughout his campaign. The elimination of the Appalachian Regional Commission would do just the opposite.

High Risk of Landslides: Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s Dangers Ignored

More controversy over the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a project that would carry fracked gas across West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina, erupted this...

Your Synthetic Shirt Is Killing Ocean Life

Synthetic fabrics, a staple of the outdoor apparel industry, are ending up in oceans in the form of microplastics. Invisible to the the human...