Cree Bike Lights: Inexpensive, Night Riding Option

Mountain biking always struck me as a spring, summer, or fall sport. The short daylight hours of winter and colder temperatures make it difficult to squeeze in trail bike rides in the winter. After picking up the sport of cyclocross this fall, I decided that I would take the plunge into the world of night riding. It took me a few weeks of thinking and talking about night riding before I decided I was ready to commit. A couple of months ago I purchased a relatively expensive bike light. I also decided to purchase a couple of Cree XML T-6 bike lights based on the recommendation of a friend. After using both the expensive light and the Cree, the Cree bike lights have exceeded my expectations, especially given the price point.

Based on my shopping experience and anecdotal evidence, quality bike lights are notoriously expensive. When spending that much on an electronic device, however, I expect it to do more than simply act as a flashlight.  One thing that makes the Cree bike lights such an attractive option to the novice night rider is that they are a not cost prohibitive barrier to night riding. With Cree, you can test the waters of night riding without making a huge investment. The Cree lights claim to have 1,600 lumens, have three settings, high, medium and strobe. I have not tested the lumen output to verify this claim, but suffice it to say, this light is bright. The Cree lights are rechargeable and a full charge last about 4 to 5 hours, which is pretty similar for much more expensive options. The lights easily mount to a helmet or your handlebars and come with accessories for mounting. I suggest you buy a pair of Cree bike lights, one for your helmet and one for your handlebars and get out and explore the trails after dark. Adventure awaits.

MSRP $29.99

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