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Blessing of Being Alone?

We all have had the experience of being alone.

Maybe just for a few days. Maybe for years. Our roommates, partners, spouses etc. are sometimes allowed out of our immediate reach to explore, visit and relax on their own. Often, we chose to live alone or life decides such a path for us.

But do we act differently when we are alone? Do our habits change, get worse or better?

My other has been traveling for work lately, leaving me at home with our 4 pets for days at a time. Although in theory I like the idea of this kind of freedom, I am actually ashamed at how I have handled it.

I have wasted it. I watched too many movies to mention, failed to explore, exercise, fellowship and grow as I had planned.

I turned to the useless noise of TV over the calming sounds of music. Rather than walk my buddies so we would all get some exercise, I have confined our travels to the back yard.

I am not experimenting in the  kitchen but rather relying on take out.

WHY I am regressing? Do I care for myself only to impress my husband? NO. So why then do I fail to care for myself in his absence?

Truthfully, I am ashamed and resolved to stop these bad lonely induced habits.

The reason I do these things is irrelevant.

I vow, next time I am alone, to:

  • Do laundry / cleaning and wash my window blinds
  • make sorbet or sherbet from scratch
  • walk my dogs
  • run myself
  • Visit a farmer’s market
  • write in my journal (every day)
  • visit with friends
  • Go out – enjoy being out
  • NOT watch TV
  • Not be such a wuss

What do you do alone that you won’t, can’t, don’t do with others around? Any advice?

Do you go for a long hike? Run? Bike ride?

Do you make souffles and cakes just for fun?

I welcome your advice.

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