Chris Gragtmans, Paddles Sports Professional

“I always wanted to be a writer for Road & Track magazine. I read about cars obsessively and dreamed of test driving Ferraris and Porsches.”


Leah Woody, Publisher

“I wanted to be a film editor and edit movie trailers for films. Not movies…just the trailers.”


Johnny Molloy, Outdoor Writer

Playing basketball in the NBA.

Johnny Molloy 2015 Headshot_FIX

Jennifer Pharr Davis, Professional Hiker and Author

“I had no clue! I wish I could go back and tell myself, That’s okay.”


Dusty Allison, Digital Publisher

“Novelist, fishing guide, bartender, and winner of the annual Hemingway Look Alike Contest in Key West.”

Dusty winter_FIX

Jess Daddio, Travel Editor

“Archaeologist, horse whisperer, and professional underwater basket weaver. I hated writing.”

Will Harlan, Editor in Chief

“Astronaut. I still look up at the stars every night.”


Wade Mickley, Graphic Designer

“I told my 4th grade teacher that I wanted to be a professional hang glider. (I have never tried hang gliding).”