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Partners in Grime: Blue Ridge Outdoors blog on trail maintenance

There is an old episode of Seinfeld where the character Kramer is given a mile section of an interstate in NYC to keep clean. He had all sorts of wild “improvement” ideas for his stretch of road. My wife Anne thinks I’m on the same path. I have been somewhat vigilant in keeping my section in pretty good shape. I tend to do tackle things with gusto. Many “improvement” ideas for my section have come to mind but there are rules and guidelines for trail maintenance that you must adhere to so I’ll have to hold back.

I recently told Anne that in a few more weeks of trail work, my section would be complete for the most part until next spring. She asked jokingly “what about snow and ice removal during the winter?” I laughed but then thought that may not be such a bad idea after all…….hmmm.

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