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Tinker Cliffs

Photo courtesy of staff at Wilderness Adventure

Appalachia Outposts: Tinker Cliffs

Virginia has a wide assortment of backyard activities. From climbing to caving and everything in between, keeping busy outside in Virginia is not a hard thing to do. So with a little time off, and a thirst for adventure, a small group of friends and myself got in the vehicle, took a short ride, and checked out one of the many scenic branches of the Appalachian Trail: Tinker Cliffs.

Hiking Tinker Cliffs
Photo courtesy of staff at Wilderness Adventure

Located in Catawba (near Daleville) and off of Virginia 779, the Andy Layne Trail head is located right off the road. Starting the scenic 2.8-mile hike to the top is a couple of creek crossings, open cow pastures (watch your step!), and many well-maintained trails. The trails are all in good conditions as you push further on, but the grade quickly becomes steeper. And at times, you question to yourself, “Why am I climbing this mountain?”

Tinker Cliffs Summit
Photo courtesy of staff at Wilderness Adventure

The answer soon becomes clear as you reach the summit. The glorious views provided by Tinker Cliffs will take your breath away, make you appreciate hiking, and will simply amaze you. 1,700 feet above ground level gives you a bird’s eye view as you navigate across the cliffs and have a good time, definitely a must-do Virginia backyard activity.

Go, get out and explore, and most of all, have a good time with it.


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