MagazineApril 2009Advice From Eustace Conway

Advice From Eustace Conway

Eustace Conway
Eustace Conway
  1. Grow up and realize that everything is not always fun. Some days, your hands get cold breaking ice to repair the hydroelectric system, or your hands get blistered from hoeing the garden weeds. It’s not a push-button, instant-success world, despite how many Americans currently live. We’re addicted to feel-good fun stuff, but that’s not reality. You have to keep going when it’s not easy.
  2. Seek out the elders. Instead of always going to the Internet, go to the people who know how to garden or build or sew. People are always the best resource. If you can learn from somebody, it creates a special experience.
  3. Do something with your own hands. Sew a patch on your clothes instead of buying a new garment. Recognize—almost ceremoniously—that you are reducing your impact on the earth by patching that piece of clothing.
  4. See the connections. When you flush a turd down the commode, think about where it’s going. Start to notice the impact of every action.
  5. Be a guide or mentor to help others get outdoors. People—especially children—need to learn basic skills, so that being outside is joyful
    and not miserable. Go fly a kite with some kids. You’ll be teaching them about wind, inertia, loft, and physics without even trying. And you’ll be instilling a sense of wonder and curiosity.

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