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September 2010


Street Cred

Bike Commuter Gear Commuting by bike isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. And these products will make that bike commute a little more comfortable...

Red River Gorge Adventures

The Gorge’s high sandstone cliffs have made the stunning eastern canyon a world-renowned climbing mecca. The unique geological area, which lies mostly within the...

Appalachian Renaissance Man

Ed Snodderly’s resume includes songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, college teacher, and proprietor of a storied bluegrass club. A native of northeast Tennessee, Snodderly released his...

Seven Natural Wonders of the South

The South has its own suite of natural wonders—locations and phenomenon that will beguile even the most experienced adventure traveler.

Quest For Quiet

The Search for One Square Inch of Silence Man-made noise is everywhere. Close your eyes and listen right now: cars, airplanes, lawn mowers, computers. We...

Is it offensive for guys to run shirtless or women to run only in sports bras?

Chime in and you could win a Apple iPad courtesy of Subaru!