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So there you have it. I’m now a running skirt convert. I guess deep down inside, I’m a girly-girl hiding in an ultrarunner’s body. But what about others? Is the running skirt fad about to sweep the Southeast? I polled some of the region’s top female runners to get their opinions. Looks like the verdict is still out:

“I’ve always preferred skirts. My heroes growing up were Laura Ingalls and Princess Leah…they both ran in skirts. I find running skirts very comfortable and flattering. It is fun to still feel “girly” when I am all grimy and sweaty!” 

—Annette Bednosky, former Western States Endurance Run champion

“I haven’t seen a running skirt, but if there was one that was practical, and of course the right color, I would wear it.” 

—Meadow Tarves, 2006 Shut In Ridge Trail Run champion

“I train and race in a black skirt. I love it…it has bike shorts underneath that are really comfortable. The shorts are a great anti-chafing liner for long runs as well. 

—Sophie Speidel, 2006 Hellgate 100K Masters Champion

“As a still relatively young competitive runner, I would not run in a running skirt. For some reason I feel like the skirts are more ‘recreational’ or something. I also think they are a little silly.” —Zika Rea, Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier and founder of Zap Fitness 

“I would definitely not wear a skirt running. Skirts are not conducive to tripping up, legs flying in different directions, landing in odd positions.”

—Allison Hardy, professional triathlete

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