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The Top 10 Features I Can’t Live Without

I’ll be the first to admit—driving around a fresh-off-the-assembly-line 2014 Jeep Cherokee for the past year and a half has me a little more than spoiled.

Where Does All the Old Gear Go?

We love the outdoors and all the gear that comes along with it, but eventually, you get a flat or you need to retire your rope. What do you do with all that worn out gear?

Raising the bar because we just can’t help ourselves.

The Big Agnes System is different than the traditional sleeping bag on top of a sleeping pad. Instead, we unite the two.

Every tree is like a gift

For every pair of shoes the Bozeman, Montana-based outdoor shoe company sells, they plant one more tree through their partnership with Trees for the Future, which supports communities in need in East and West Africa with trees, seeds and the tools and know-how to ensure a sustainable future.