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October 2017


Tenneswim: Professor Makes a Record-Breaking Splash

A Tennessee professor swims the entire 652-mile length of the Tennessee River

No Filter Needed: 14 Regional Photographers Share the Story Behind the Shot

Fourteen top regional outdoor photographers share their unfiltered stories of hard work, stubborn perseverance— and sometimes, damn good luck—that goes into getting the shot (and how you can get it, too).

Hiking South Carolina’s Blue Wall

A BRO contributor gets acquainted with the unsung Foothills Trail of Upstate South Carolina.

Appalachia’s Newest State Park

Clinch River State Park could provide new adventures in Coal Country.

Boone’s Big Buy

All told, climbers in Boone now have permanent access to 190 acres of boulder-strewn forest.

Sunken Secrets: The Underwater Ghost Towns of the Blue Ridge

Entire towns have been submerged, sparking the interest of scuba divers, historians, and myth busters.