Brad Lane

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Backpacking and Playing the Game

With the fall weather outside and all the colors it brings there is no better time to discover why backpacking in the Blue Ridge Mountains is heaven on earth.

Healthy Tip#89432: Grab a Headlamp

The fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down; the night can provide just as much of a playground as any afternoon sun.

Changing of the Seasons

The leaves have begun to adorn their autumn colors, and suddenly, the morning air is accompanied with a sweater appropriate chill.

Destination Seneca

Here is a recent account of an excursion into the wild, past ordinary boundaries, and up a huge frickin’ rock: Destination Seneca, West Virginia.

Change It Up

Make like the leaves and change it up a bit, put a little variation to the usual, add a little color to your life.

Climbing is for Lovers

Climbing is a sport of movement and grace, of muscle and body control, and it just might be the most humbling pie ever served.